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Bug on a Bible

bugonbiblesmallI was reading the Bible on my electronic tablet while seated on our back porch. Early dawn was just beginning to shed a bit of light on the new day, but I still needed the illumination of my tablet screen to see the Biblical text. My tablet’s light attracted a bug, who landed on the screen, a very small bug, smaller than one of the letters on display. The bug took off, flying about a moment, then landed on the screen again. He’d walk a few steps, maybe about one or two words in distance, then take to the air again only to land once more on the Bible text. One time he actually landed on the screen where the word “God” was displayed!

I got to thinking about this bug’s life and how he had no idea as to where he had landed, simply being attracted to the glowing screen. The bug was oblivious to the Bible that the screen displayed. As he crawled across the word “God” he was only experiencing alternating moments of light and dark as he made his way across the three letters. He had no idea they spelled a word, let alone what that word “God” means. Given the fact that we humans can’t come close to comprehending who God is, this bug was truly clueless!

But maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on this bug. Our human brains are much more developed than that of a bug brain; plus, we also have a soul that makes a connection with God possible. In spite of our great advantage over the bug, we humans can remain oblivious to God or at least far less impacted by Him than we should be.

I’ll admit there are mornings when I sit on my porch reading the illuminated Biblical text on my tablet, and I find the words not all that illuminating! My focus is distracted by stray thoughts of what I’ll do that day, the problems I face, or even as to what I should have for breakfast. The distractions continue throughout the day. I can hear a song bird, catch the fragrance of a flower, or enjoy the smile of another person and not think of giving thanks to God who is the ultimate giver of all these good gifts and so much more. I can be caught up with carrying out my own plans while neglecting to think about what God’s agenda for me might be. In short I can live, at least at times, as if God doesn’t exist, or that I don’t care all that much that He does exist.

Life is like a glowing electronic screen of a reading tablet with an ever changing collage of the shapes and colors of all that is happening. Do I comprehend God’s presence right below my feet and all around me, or am I as oblivious as the bug on the tablet’s screen?

The good news is that we were created to comprehend something of this amazing God who made us, sustains us, is willing to redeem us, wants to have us work with Him each day, and yearns to have us spend eternity with Him. We were created to live more than a bug’s life. The bug on my tablet screen reminded me of this great truth!

“The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they reveal knowledge.” (Psalm 19:1-2) Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law.(Psalm 119:18)