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From Wounds to Scars

Most of us collect scars as we go through life. Those of us who are older have quite an extensive collection! Each scar has a history, and we can usually recall the circumstances under which we acquired each one. Scars are seen as ugly, especially major ones, but actually they’re symbols of victory, that we’ve survived the accident or the surgery!

Scars are left over from a wound. Sometimes scars can be sensitive to the touch, even uncomfortable, but they don’t hurt like the wound did!

If we keep picking away at a wound it will stay a wound much longer than it has to. Our bodies have been designed to heal wounds so they’re nothing more than a scar. We just need to allow the process to happen and help it along by properly tending to the wound.

Emotional wounds need to be treated in the same way. We’re all emotionally wounded in one way or another at one time or another, some of us more, some of us less. The good news is that the Creator/Sustainer who designed our bodies to heal from a wound to nothing more than a scar has the same intentions for our emotional wounds. He’s the great Healer of these too!

Usually we can’t help that we’ve been wounded by someone, but we can help the wound heal into nothing more than a scar! How do we deal with a wound so it heals into nothing more than a scar? Well, to start off, by asking the Great Physician (God/Jesus) to work with our injury and to heal it. We then can cooperate with Him by letting the past go, forgiving the person who wounded us, giving up the right to get revenge, moving on, and identifying ways the wound of the past can make us a better person today. All of this, too, God will help with if we but ask Him.

Then we need to decide that we will no longer see the wounds from the past as wounds but only as scars. They’re still visible and may even be sensitive, but they’re no longer bleeding, infected wounds, only scars.

Scars aren’t bad. There will even be scars in heaven, but only one person will have them, Jesus. He will still bear the scars of crucifixion on His hands, feet, and side as an eternal reminder to all of us in heaven of the price He paid so we could be there with Him.

Scars can be good. Scars we can live with; they’re a reminder that, by the grace of God, we’re a survivor!

The Psalmist says of God, “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” Psalm 147:3

Thought for Reflection